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today i got 1 new massage from Turkish boy..

waaaa impossible tekejot aq tbe2 je ad boy nie anta chatbox yg bertulis mcm nie --->
he say:Hi Dearest Princess~ I bend down in front of you and kiss your lovely hand adorable rose <3 You're so beautiful lady :’) Strawberry nose, cherry lips, moon face, black pearl eyes >^w^< I'm from Turkey, Istanbul City, 17 years old, Aries, Muslim~ Hahah :D:D
me say:hihiihi btw thans
he say:Heheh
me say:stay mne
hahahah maklom laa x reti ckp inggeris nie
after that------>?
he say:What? o.Oo.O
me say:hahaha
dalam keadaan yg amat malu HAHAHHA--->
he say::DCrazy colorful butterfly
me say:can u speak in malay
he say:No
Can you speak Turkish well?
me say:noo
he say:Hmm, then your Turkish lesson isn't well
me say:no
he say:Umm
Are you student
me say:yes
he say:So?
Why can't you speak Turkish?
Ohw don't you have Turkish lessons in school? XD
HAHHAHA 'yes' & 'no' jela aq ni------>
me say:no.
he say:Lol
Why don't you say this to me at first?
me say:i'm islamic and never learn Turkish
he say::i see
me say:why don't u ask me at first
he say:But, almost at every school teaches Turklish
In USA also
me say:=p
he say:Weird
Sorry, i just confused
Okay :):)
How are you today?
me say:i stay malaysia
he say:I understand...
me say:ok
he say:Huh, i understand, Malaysia doesn't teach Turkish in schools
I'm glad to hear this you're okay~
How was yoru today? :D:D
me say:fine
he say:That's very nice to hear hahah
What are you doing?
I look at your photos... Fascinating me
I can't breathe while writing to you
And my heart beats speedy
me say:hhahah thans2
to je aq thu thans dari tdy HAHHAHA--->
he say:Yup
Well, are you single
me say:no!!
i already have a boyfriend
how about u??
he say:Erm, i may have a GF
I have many admirer
blaaaablaaablaaa hahhahahah....

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