Daisypath Anniversary tickers


biy swear I'm happy now

thank you very reason go right at the door for me to accept her heart back in my life 

swear I can not see you sad face 
I already get you back in my life, so you just watch i. this may be the last time I thank you .
Okay now I have forgotten everything so right then and want to come right back ,I love close to you may not think much. 
 me alone you are there. time text me with another man, I still remember you 

romentik of you miss, are we spoiled-spoiled by you 
maneuvering want to miss you, 
miss you crazy close. 
whatever I want us to be like once again 

I love you so, but if you do not love me no what it is 

haha frist time update blog dlm bhase inggeris smue , btw lau aku ade silap tu tegur2 la k

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